Our Story

It started in Torino

I was born in the North West part of Italy, in an elegant city – founded by the Romans and an emcampment that has been for centuries the home of a Royal Dynasty, the Capital of two Reigns and almost at the border between Italy and France. My whole family, thou, come from Belpasso, a small town in Sicily well known for its incredible foods, fertile soil, and friendly people. (Also for being so close to an active Vulcano that has been somehow destroyed several times during the last 8 centuries)

The Chef

Ciao! I’m Alessandro De Luca, a chef with a passion for blending my Italian heritage with the diverse culinary landscape of the United States. My love affair with cooking began in the bustling markets of Torino, where I soaked up the rich flavors and age-old techniques of traditional Italian cuisine. I knew from a young age that my destiny lay in sharing the art of culinary expression with the world.

In 2009, my journey brought me to the United States, where I embraced new opportunities and embarked on a gastronomic adventure. After honing my skills in renowned kitchens and collaborating with talented chefs, I decided to bring my vision to life. In 2020, I proudly opened Italian Kitchen, a place where food enthusiasts gather to experience the essence of both my homeland and adopted home.

"Food is the universal language that effortlessly crosses borders, bringing people together in a celebration of flavors and cultures. Through the joy of sharing a meal, we merge traditions, weave stories, and build bridges that connect us as one global family." -

Happy Moments…