A Family Story

They say that cooking is a passion, and in my case, it started from two different sources, my dad’s love for incredible food – which made me experience incredible dishes – and my mom’s not-so-great cooking skills – that pushed me to learn how to recreate some of the flavors I had experienced. So here I am, an Italian expat from Torino, who went to cooking school as an adult, with the passion for sharing good food.

What are you eating today?

Primi Piatti

Who does not enjoy a pasta? I keep it nice and simple:... 

Secondi Piatti

The main course have a special place in my heart, so I... 

I fell in love with focaccia, at first bite...

  • How it started

    During the 2020 shutdown, I had the privilege to cook for many people around Springfield and delivery my food to their doorstep.

  • Time has passed

    Life has moved on since then, but my passion did not stop and, thanks to a couple of friends, I had the opportunity for a new start

  • Here we are, again

    So the kitchen is open for business soon I will provide a place to pick up food, before going back home. As always, we deliver.