About me


I was born in Torino, Italy  where I lived until I moved to the US in 2013.

I always loved to cook, and I always enjoyed different foods, culture and flavors. 

Growing up in Piemonte I learned about beef and veal, pork, mushrooms, cheese and wine (emphasis on cheese and wine).

My parents are from Sicily so I spent many summer with friends and relatives eating amazing foods and learning the culture and the Sicilian way of cooking.

Later in life, when I decided to move to the US, worried that the scents, flavors and dishes from my youth would be gone forever, I attended Culinary School.

There I learned how to cook as a professional, how to deal with flavors and big batches, commercial kitchens and cooking line, preparations and creations.

Since I lived here I always had the dream to work in the food industry, having my own little restaurant where I could share my food, but I needed up doing sales for a long time.  

When 2020 hit and brought us the “plague”, and forced us in a very new way of living  I wanted to fight the grim of what makes me happy: food.

And so I started this little venture of mine, trying to make people happy and satisfied one dish at a time.

Belpasso, Sicily